Deep Foundations

Terra specializes in complex deep foundation projects. Our team of experienced Project Managers have the expertise to offer creative solutions throughout all phases of design and construction. We have invested in the best equipment in the industry (see below) and  hire only skilled union workers.

Recently we have added Compacted Aggregate Piers (CAP’s) to our menu of foundation support solutions. CAP’s is a technique that improves the strength and compressibility of marginal to low strength ground. In doing so, CAP’s allow for the construction of conventional spread foundations without extensive modification or rework of the existing subgrade soils.

    • Compacted Aggregate Piers (CAP’s)
    • Drilled Shafts
    • Caissons
    • Micropiles
    • Preboring
    • Helical Piles
    • Driven Piles

Download our Earth Retention Systems and Deep Foundations Brochure

University of Wisconsin Memorial Union
Sharp Packaging Push Piers
Sharp Packaging Push Piers
Edgewater Hotel Elevator Shaft
UW Madison Historical Society

Specialty Equipment

    • IMT Track Drill Rigs (AF10, AF120, AF150)
    • Hercules Machinery Sonic Side Grip (Excavator and Crane Mounts)
    • TEI Remote Control Tieback/Soil Nail Drills

Terra is a proud member of the Academy of Geo-Professionals (AGP)