Culture of safety

Safety is at the core of every phase of our projects. Our employees are our most valuable resource and nothing is of greater importance than their personal safety. Everyone from senior management to our field staff are properly trained and empowered to stop work when necessary to ensure that all environmental, health, and safety concerns are adequately addressed.

Anyone can have a good written safety program, but what differentiates Terra is that every employee embraces our expectation of a Zero Injury work environment. Safety is a process that is centered around our vision to create a working environment that places the highest value on the welfare of the individual and excellence in all aspects of performance.

Core Values

  • All accidents can be prevented with the proper planning, training, and execution
  • Everyone is accountable for a safe work environment
  • Effective communication is essential to achieving an accident-free workplace
  • All employees are empowered, encouraged, and expected to stop unsafe or potentially unsafe work
  • Proper training is the key to recognizing and mitigating hazards
  • Zero injuries is not just a goal, it’s an expectation

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